"i-pad jams"

Goodwin i-Pad “Jam Sessions” / Featuring “Student(s) of the Week”

               The Goodwin Performing IPad ensemble is made up of students in the third-grade. We spend a lot of time on learning how to improvise in addition to working on arrangements to perform. Students are given a "song of the week" which they are to practice, record, and send to the Mr. Moon. Students and solos to be featured will be based on the following criteria: following the iPad rules of improvisation, performance creativity, and attendance at rehearsals. We hope you enjoy our” iPad jam sessions”.

Featured Student(s) Of The Week


Performing Artist: Amari P.

"Rubber Necking"  02/12/2016

Performing Artist: Mystery Student?

"Rubber Necking"  02/19/2016

Performing Artist:  Adriana D.

"Bounce It"   02/26/2016

Performing Artist: Janay C.

"Riding"   03/04/2016

Performing Artist: Favian D.

"Riding"  03/04/2016

Performing Artist: Kevin P.