Keyboard and i-Pad Improvisation and Practice

Below are a series of arrangements that I have written to allow keyboard and iPad musicians to learn and have fun with. Students can practice their "ensemble" parts along with the uploaded audio files on our schools web site in order to further develop and refine their improvisation skills. For Pianos, all solos are set up as "black key improvisations” unless marked otherwise.
i-Pads must preset the “key” and "scale" functions in the keyboard instrument window to obtain the correct "light and dark gray keyboard” needed to improvise with for each song. The use of a modified keyboard is what makes improvising (and sounding good) so effortless for the very young musician. This will allow you to focus on developing your rhythm creating skills while remembering and executing the "Rules for Improvisation":
* Go up or down but only to the neighboring key (of same color) either direction. You may repeat notes if desired.
* Start in the middle of the keyboard and try to avoid playing too much in the lower register (the left side).
* Remember, you are “soloing”, so do not play only on the “beat” or the same rhythm over and over again.
To improve the sound of your improvisation solos, practice using and expanding on the concepts of "variety" and "velocity". Also, do not forget to occasionally use a soloists "secret weapon", SILENCE.
Best of Luck and Have Fun!
Mr. Moon

Practice Arrangements For Keyboards and I-Pads:

Billie Jean M. Jackson Eb minor  Transposition +03

Despicable Me / Pharrell Williams Eb minor pentatonic  Transposition  -04

Higher Ground Stevie Wonder Eb minor blues  Transposition 00

House of the Rising Sun Eb minor blues  Transposition -04

I Feel Good / James Brown Eb minor pentatonic  Transposition  00

I Like To Move It, Move It Eb minor pentatonic  Transposition -02

Natalie / Bruno Mars Eb minor pentatonic

Smooth / Santana A minor  Transposition 00

Thriller / M. Jackson Eb minor pentatonic

Unbelievable / EMF Ab minor blues

Venus / Bananarama Eb minor pentatonic

What Can A Keyboard Play? Eb minor pentatonic