Gifted and Talented Audition Page

Gifted and Talented Audition Page

Dear Students and Parents,

At the beginning of the school year, we will work on identifying students with potential talent in several arts areas of the arts.  For those interested in auditioning for Charleston County’s “Gifted and Talented” program next year, I thought I we could use the school web site if you wanted to do a little advanced preparation. The three areas we will be exploring at the beginning of our next school year include: Singing, Dancing, and Drama.  For students interested in singing, we will work on pitch identification and echo singing, clapping rhythms using several different counting systems, and rehearsing the song “America” (also known as “My Country tis of Thee”).  There will be a series of short vocal warm ups and other singing exercises I will also use as brief “mini-auditions”.   I am placing all of the audition materials and warm ups on our school web site.   The audition song, as I said, will be “America”.  Students will need to perform only the first verse, but it must be sung along with piano accompaniment. You will find four different piano audio files, each higher or lower than the others.  Practice with all four and find the “key” or audio file that is easiest for you to sing with.  Then, concentrate your practice time on just that one piano accompaniment.

There also is a full orchestra version of “America” on the web site with and without chorus.  I thought this might be fun for the students to work with, as well as being an excellent way to learn or memorize the lyric to the first verse.   I also placed a few monologues that students can prepare if they are interested in auditioning for drama.  The actual Gifted and Talented auditions will occur at our school sometime in October.    I will set up individual times at Goodwin for each student to videotape their auditions.  These videos will be collected and sent to panel of judges who will evaluate them sometime in December.   Auditioning for the Gifted and Talented program is strictly voluntary and students do not have go through the audition / screening process if they do not want to.  I hope everyone has a great summer vacation, but if you start getting bored and are looking for things to do, keep the “recording studio” area of our school’s web site in mind.

"Gifted and Talented" Dance Audition Video:

dance aud video from Richard Moon on Vimeo

Vocal Audition "America":

"America" Vocal with Orchesrta

Piano Only:  Select the accompaniment that feels most comfortable.

1.) Key of Bb

2.) Key of Eb

3.) Key of F

4.) Key of Ab

America Lyric and Counting Sheets

Purpose of Vocal Warm Ups and How To Use Them       

         Singing Warm ups are used to exercise the voice as well as help develop a student’s accuracy and recognizing and reproducing pitch.  Andy’s Warm Ups and the “Blues” Warm Up are “echo singing” exercises where a student first listens to the piano or voice and then attempts to repeat what he/she hears.  In CHORAL warm ups #’s 1 – 4 memorize the vocal patterns and sing along with the words we learned in music class.  My thanks to Andy Masker and Brenda Albinger, music teachers that were willing to share these warm up exercises with me.  I hope these exercises will help students that are  interested in auditioning for Charleston County’s Gifted and Talented program next year.

Vocal Warm Ups

Short Monologues

Click Here for Monologues 1 - 4
Click Here for Monologues 5 - 8