Performances 2013-2014
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PTA Performances March 2014

4th Grade Level Projects

"Joggin' Jig"

"Hip Hop Shamrock"

PTA Performances October 2013

Having a Hauntingly Good Time !!!!

Combined Vocal and Instrumental Project

Vocal Participants:  3A, 3B, 3C, and 3D

Instrumental Participants:  5D, 4A, 4D, 3D

Keyboard Bass: ReAna B., Matthew G., and Aliyah C. 

"Rattling Bones"

2nd Grade Vocal and Instrumental Project


2B "Skeleton Shake"

2C  "Skeleton Shake"


2C "Spooky Night"

2D  "Skeleton Shake"

2D "Spooky Night"

3rd Grade Project Song  "Havin' A Bad Scare Day"

Performers for all recordings:

Vampire - SaMyah P. (3B)

Pedestrian #1 - Damien J. (3B)

Pedestrian #2 - Toris B. (3A)

3A  "Havin' A Bad Scare Day"

"Evil Laugh" By: Malachi P.

3A "Spooky Night"

3B  "Havin' A Bad Scare Day"

"Evil Laugh" By: Tylee F.

3B "Spooky Night"

3C  "Havin A Bad Scare Day"

"Evil Laugh" By Kevin D. and Javion J.

3D "Spooky Night"

4th Grade Combined Project: &nbsp
Performed by the students of: 4B, 4C, 4D, and 4E
"Haunted Piano"

"piano child" performed by: Citlally M.

4A "Spooky Night"

4B "Spooky Night"

5A  "Zombie Style"

5B  "Zombie Style"

5C  "Zombie Style"