Useful Links

    Write your own compositions using “loops”, keyboards, guitars, and even drum machines.  Mix and edit your compositions using a sound editing board, just like the Pro-Tools software we use in music class at:

        Do you like computer games?  If you do, my past students have had a lot of fun with this web site.  Learn about all of the instruments in the orchestra by going on a dangerous African safari trying to collect them by instrument families.  The music used is from Benjamin Britten’s “Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra”.  You can take part in this fun and exciting musical adventure at:

     This video, that I thought you might enjoy, combines both acting and musical skills.  You can watch this comical string quartet perform at:

    This web site has a variety of easy music games you will enjoy playing.

    Would you like a virtual keyboard on your computer screen?  If so, click below.  Play songs, change instrument sounds, select your own drum beats, and put together your own song using their piano.

    If you own a recorder and already know how to play it, this site offers you a variety of songs that you can play along with using their audio files.  A lot of fun for students who have previous experience playing the recorder.

    A great web site that helps teach you how to play the piano, guitar and/or drum set.  There are many instructional videos you can watch and a lot of games you can play indirectly involving these three instruments.  This organization goes out of its way to promote music in our schools.  Check it out!

    Spell out words by identifying the names of notes on treble clef staff.  Slide the correct note name over and place it under the note you are identifying.